Project 37

Manager: Adrian Rabbitte Snr.
Kilnahinch, Moate, Westmeath N37 V265
Ph: 086 8704524 | 087 0968381

  • Project 37
    Project 37

    Ireland's best Wedding & Party Band
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  • Adrian Rabbitte Snr Project 37 Vocalist
    Adrian Snr

    Frontman and vocalist extraordinaire

  • Paddy Rabbitte Project 37 Keyboards

    Keyboards and vocals

  • Adrian Rabbitte Jnr Project 37 Guitarist
    Adrian Jnr

    Guitar and Vocals

  • Liam Cushen Project 37 Bass

    Bass and vocals

Meet The Band


Project-37-Keyboards-PaddyPaddy is an accomplished keyboard player, gaining experience from an early age and has a wide range of musical interests.

With musical interests reaching beyond keyboards, Paddy cites influences from Noel Gallagher to Bono and Elton John.

Paddy also listens to a mix of Oasis, Linkin Park, Green Day and The Killers.

Basically, if it's good, he'll give it a listen.



Adrian Jnr.

Project-37-Guitar-Adrian-JnrAxeman Adrian Jnr can shred a fretboard with ease, but has also been known to play a seriously soulful and understated blues lick now and then.

Adrian Jnr. is not one to hog the limelight and he is equally happy to stand back a little and provide a tight rhythm when its needed.

Adrian cites his influenes as Gary Moore, Albert Lee and Willie Kiernan.

He listens to a mix of Rock and Blues styles; Blink 182, The Blues Brothers, Muse and AC/DC




Project-37-Bass-KennyOn Bass Kenny is an energetic character who can hold the beat or slap out some intricate grooves.

Kenny's musical interests are not limited to bass-focused artists, he has a great interest in, guitarists, keyboard players, drummers and vocalists in many bands.

His influences range from the likes of Phil Lynott to Dave Grohl and many more.

Liam listens to all kinds of music from Coldplay to slipknot and much much more.



Adrian Snr.

Project37-Drums-Adrian-SnrAs frontman-vocalist or behind the drumkit, Adrian Snr. is passionate and unrelenting in his pursuit of pitch-perfect melody and tight driving rhythms.

He is an experienced musician, having previously played in a number of bands of various styles.

Adrian cites his influences as Roger Taylor (Queen) Keith Moon (The Who) and ANIMAL (from the Muppets!!!).

He listens to a wide range of musical styles; Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country and Classical and likes bands such as AC/DC, Queen, Status Quo and Bon Jovi.




Project37-Drums-AdamAs vocalist or on guitar, Adam is a live-wire, determined to create a party atmosphere.

He is not the least bit shy about doing anything to get the party going and is great in engaging with the audiance.

He listens to a wide range of musical styles; from old 50s and 60s to Hard Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country and more.

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